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We can't wait to welcome you to the 2023 Washington Marching Band Camps Drum Major and Drumline Academy! Here is some information you may find helpful as you prepare and pack for camp!

1) Check-in will start at 1pm at Double-K Retreat Center in Easton, WA (Exit 71 on I-90). A full schedule can be found HERE

2) The weather is typically in the mid 70's to low 90's during the day, and mid 40's to low 60's at night. Please pack for the weather as we will be outside even if it is raining.

3) If you haven't made your tuition payment yet, please make sure you make your payment online at If you need to make alternative payment methods, please contact Josh Chan directly at

4) Reminder about Items to bring - 

  • ALL Participants

    • Medical Form/Waiver - Please make sure this is completely filled out by you and your parent/guardian/caregiver upon arrival. You can download the waiver HERE

    • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

    • Flashlight/Battery Powered Lantern

    • Toiletries and Bedding (sheets/pillows/sleeping bag and/or blankets)

    • Clothing for 3 Days - Pack for the Weather

    • Your drum major/marching band uniform or band shirt (for full camp photo)

    • Medications (please make sure to list these in your medical form/waiver)


  • DRUM MAJOR Participants

    • Your 38” “Signal" Baton (if you asked for instruction on it)

    • Your 27” “Gray Baton” (if you asked for instruction on it)

    • Your 52” Military Mace (if you asked for instruction on it)

    • Scores (although optional, feel free to bring any scores from your own band’s shows that you may want help on)

    • Whistle (You can also purchase one online or at a local sports store. We recommend the Acme Thunderer, but some schools also use a Fox 40. Please bring and use whichever your school currently uses.)


  • DRUMLINE Participants

    • Your Drum or Cymbals

    • Sticks and/or Mallets

    • Your Drum Carrier

    • Your Drum Stand

    • Music Stand (we have a few available if you do now own one)

    • Ear Plugs

Family Emergencies - In case of a family emergency, parents/guardians/caregivers can reach the Washington Marching Band Camp phone at (206) 601-6322. This number will be staffed 24/7 starting at 7am on Wednesday, June 28th through the conclusion of the Academy.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Drum Major/Drumline Academy!

Dr. Brad McDavid

Camp Director

Josh Chan

Director of Operations

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